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copper cathode generally refers to electrolytic copper.A thick plate of crude copper (99% copper) was prepared in advance as the anode, a thin plate of pure copper was prepared as the cathode, and a mixture of sulfuric acid and copper sulfate was used as the electrolyte. After electricity, copper dissolves into copper ions (Cu) from the anode and moves to the cathode, where electrons are obtained and pure copper (also known as electrolytic copper) is precipitated. Impurities such as iron and zinc, which are more active than copper, dissolve with copper into ions (Zn and Fe). Because these ions are not easy to precipitate compared with copper ions, so as long as the potential difference is properly adjusted during electrolysis can avoid these ions precipitate on the cathode.Impurities less active than copper, such as gold and silver, are deposited at the bottom of the cell. The resulting copper plate, called electrolytic copper, is of very high quality and can be used to make electrical products.

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