SGCC DX51D+Z Steel Coil Gi Galvanized Steel Rolls High Quality Automotive Sheet

Thickness: 0.15mm-3mm Width: 18mm-600mm Zinc content: 20-40g

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Material: SGCC/DC51D/SPCC Galvanized steel strip is made of ordinary steel strip by pickling, galvanizing, packaging and other processes. It is widely used because of its good corrosion resistance. It is mainly used for making metal products that are no longer galvanized after cold processing. The surface of the functional board is flat, the zinc flower is uniform, the color is bright galvanized layer has a strong adhesion steel plate and is not easy to fall off the tensile performance is strong, can be customized for the main purpose of 1 general civil processing household appliances, sink and so on, strengthen the plate, door and so on.Or strengthen kitchen utensils and so on. Light steel joist, roof, ceiling, wall, water baffle, rain frame, rolling door, warehouse inside and outside panels, insulation shell, etc. Household appliances reinforcement and protection of refrigerators, washing machines, showers, vacuum cleaners and other household appliances. Car, truck, trailer, luggage car, refrigerator car parts, garage door, windshield wiper, fender, fuel tank, water tank, etc. As the base material of stamping material, widely used in bicycles, digital products, armored cables and so on. Equipment shell, electrical cabinet, instrument panel, office furniture, etc. The first stage of the whole coil of strip pickling, rust removal, decontamination, to achieve a smooth surface. After pickling, it is cleaned in ammonium chloride or zinc chloride aqueous solution or a mixture of ammonium chloride and zinc chloride aqueous solution, and then sent to the hot dip plating tank for hot dip galvanizing. The third stage strip steel is galvanized and stored. Galvanized layer can be based on customer requirements, generally not less than 500g/ square meter, any sample is not less than 480g/ square meter.

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